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There are many ways to help Harmony House
White Flowers


Our volunteers serve Harmony House in various capacities. Some volunteers bake for our annual Spaghetti Supper; others create gift baskets or crafts for our fundraising events; some volunteers assist with administrative duties; while others help out at fundraising events. Volunteers are our backbone and they come from a wide variety of backgrounds all for one common goal: to Make Harmony House a reality! Visit our volunteer page to get involved!

Flower Bouquet

Join a committee

You can serve based on your strengths, talents and desire. Are you a great public speaker? Then perhaps you would be interested in serving on one of our Committees. Are you a great writer? We are looking for individuals to help create brochures, press releases, and assist us in creating our business plan and grant writing. Are you a master organizer? How about serving on our Fundraising Committee and help organize various fundraising events for Harmony House? Contact us to get involved!

Green Leaf


You can contribute to the Harmony House with any kind of donation. In addition to financial contributions, we accept donations of goods and services. We are currently looking for caregivers and staff, ongoing landscaping services, snow removal, fundraiser ideas and assistance. Visit our donation page to make your gift today!

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